________Services that Premo Glass Scratch Removal Offers:

Glass: We work on tempered, non-tempered, plate, dual pane, high performance, mirrors, glass tables and Low E glass. We are able to work on both inside and outside of your home because our process is clean. Some people are under the impression that if you can feel the scratch with your finger that it can't be repaired. This is an incorrect assumption. We remove scratches of this type daily and the glass looks great when we are finished. We remove graffiti scratches, construction scratches, cleaning scratches, stucco scratches and hard water. We work with custom home builders, tract home builders, apartment buildings, management and leasing companies, and private home owners. Please contact us for an estimate on scratched glass repair at
(602) 843-0675 Office


Mirrors & Glass Tables: With our process we are able to work on mirrors in bathrooms and glass table tops as well. If you have a scratch in your mirror we can remove the scratch from the glass without taking the mirror off the wall. With table tops we can remove scratches from the table as long as the scratch is on the top surface of the glass. Please contact us for an estimate on scratch removal from mirrors and table tops at (602) 843-0675 Office

Hard Water Build Up: With our process we can remove the hard water build up on your glass. We work on glass shower enclosures, glass panes near sprinklers, arcadia doors and windows near pools, and custom water walls in homes. We can remove the ugly calcium build up from hard water in Arizona by polishing the glass and leaving it with a clean surface. We also offer a glass protection chemical that we can put on the glass to help minimize the build up of hard water in the future. Please contact us for an estimate on hard water build up removal at (602) 843-0675 Office


Fiberglass & Acrylic Tub and Sink Repair: Premo Glass Scratch Removal is certified to work on all fiberglass and acrylic tubs. We can repair scratches, burns, stains in floor, chips, spider cracks, holes in tub and major floor and crack repair. We work on shower enclosures, bathroom vanities, Jacuzzi tubs, and sinks. We work on American Whirlpool, American Standard, Eljer, Jacuzzi, Kohler, Sears, and Lasco just to name a few. Please contact us for an estimate on tub repair at (602) 843-0675 Office


Vinyl Window Frame Repair: Premo Glass Scratch Removal has a process that repairs slightly to extremely damaged vinyl window frames. The material that we use is water proof and repairs the frame to a like new state. Please contact us for an estimate on vinyl window frame repair at (602) 843-0675 Office


Stainless Steel Scratch Repair: We have a process that repairs scratches on stainless steel. We can polish the scratches out of stainless steel made from construction damage, shipping damage, and every day use. We remove scratches from sinks, BBQ’s, stoves, and range hoods. Most stainless steel surfaces have a number 4 brushed finish. We remove the scratch from surface and reapply the brushed finish. Please contact us for an estimate on stainless steel repair at (602) 843-0675 Office